Grain Dryers & Cleaners


Silopro dryer machine, is designed, manufactured and assembled by permanent flow, air heated and circulation. machines are designed to dry all kind of corn. corn dryers have document of Certificate of Conformity(TSE) and CE. In our machines has been used no-harmful materials for human and animal health. therefore, there is no-harmful complication during the drying.

Drying process materializes by the hot or cold air gets through perfore inner wall plate/product/perfore outer wall plate. Silopro Dryer, dry with air heated by the burner to the products. The product does not directly make contact with the flame.


Drum-type cleaning machines are produced in 20-100 ton capacity ranges. SILOPRO branded cleaning machines cleans all the unwanted materials (trash, dust, hay, stone, etc.) in every kind of grain ( wheat, barley, corn, canola, soybean, etc.). With this process,there is no need to clean the grain again because of the perfect decomposing.

In addition to the air lock and cyclone ; the excellent filter does not leave any waste to the environment.The screens that are produced for evey kind of grain types ; can be easily installed to the machine. During running of the machine ,the screens cleans itself by the help of the brushes placed on the screens.

With high suction power dust collection and filter system ,machine does not leave any dust to the environment.The Pre-cleaning machine ; that has been designed with high technology by SILOPRO engineers, will provide you the cleaning for long years.