Technical Information

Technical Information

SILOPRO performs a unique technology of self-supporting steel arch structures, which has been a tradition since 1985. During this period we have carried out more than 2500 projects worldwide. This technology enables to overlay space width of 9 m to 42 m without any additional support structure. We offer you the opportunity to use our unique system features 2-in-1, where self-supporting structure serves as a roof coating, so you can achieve the profitability of the entire planned construction.

In the manufacturing process, our company uses only those materials that guarantee maximum weather resistance and chemical resistance, which significantly extends the maintenance-free system. We offer you a guarantee up to 25 years.

SILOPRO ® System is CE certified, which ensures that the product that we offer, meets the most stringent criteria for both types of material used (Aluzinc ®, stainless joints …) as well as the production of construction and subsequent final inspection. We also hold ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Our technology allows to construct even on such places, where other types of prefabricated buildings and tent objects are not possible in terms of climatic snow loads and wind use. Possible climatic load of our system is to 600kN/m2.

Arch constructions are the most effective spatial structures. They are light, while staying extremely rigid and strong. Smart combination of static principles of vaults and shells (formed by longitudinal and transverse forming of the basic steel part in a shape of W) is easily applied especially for large spans using overlap area up to 42 meters in width. The basic part is made of structural steel S 320 coated by ALUZINC ®, thick from 0.8 mm to 2 mm, depending on the span of buildings and climate conditions of the construction site. Combining of individual parts is made with stainless steel joints. The steel arch structure is anchored directly to the foundation using steel anchors. The advantage is also relatively lightweight steel structure in comparison to other building materials. This advantage brings significantly lower demands for the creation of the object and also reduces the cost of shipping and installation. Excellent static properties of the system are useful in extreme weather conditions, construction is resistant to earth shocks up to 7 of the Richter scale.

We use transparent panels Silopro ® of dimensions 2800 mm x 610 mm planted in a self-supporting shell of the building. In the fronts of the buildings it is possible to use normal windows or transparent belts.

It can be done by multiple variants of isolation using different finishes on the interior facade of the building. By isolating of self-supporting construction we also achieve fire resistance throughout the building as required.

Basic parts of Silopro are delivered on pallets sized 700 x 3100 mm. On one pallet it is possible to ship such number of parts, which will cover about 100 m2 ground-plan area after installation. One truck transports the material, which covers about 1,000 m2 ground- plan area, which represents significant savings in transportation costs.

Setting up and anchoring
Setting up and anchoring of SILOPRO halls is very simple and easy. The steel arch structure is anchored directly to the foundation using steel anchors. Another advantage of the system is that it is arelatively lightweight steel structure in comparison to other building materials, so there is no need to build solid foundations like in conventional buildings. This advantage brings  significantly lower demands on construction of the structure and it also reduces the cost of shipping and installation. All joints of anchors are visible, allowing visual inspection at any time, or, if necessary, the construction can be easily uninstallated and built again elsewhere.

Hall faces (front and rear)
This is possible to design in any number of variants. The most commonly used and simplest option is making faces of cantilever trapezoidal sheets, which can be additionaly insulated, if necessary. Another alternative of construction of the faces is the possibility of using light truss columns in combination with trapezoidal steel sheets or sandwich panels. Fronts can be constructed from other construction materials as well,  in accordance with the requirements of the investor, such as masonry, concrete, wood or a combination of these materials.

Individual basic components of the system are bonded by stainless steel joints, of which a compact unit is made in site after assembly. Instalation- Individual units are then lifted by crane techniques and fixed by steel anchors into the foundation.

We offer full design and supply service to you. We will visit you and help you with our experience and expertise to implement your ideas. Our designing team can make a free hall study and after its approval, we can proceed with design documents.


Dimension Table
Dimensions and parameters-® system, allows you to overlay space width from 9 meters to 42 meters without any additional support structure, and width, height and length of a hall can be freely adjusted according to your requirements.